Milan Woman’s Club

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

The Milan Women's Club was organized in 1960 and currently has 36 active members with four of them being Charter Members!


We are located close to the Quad Cities just south of Rock Island, Illinois.



Milan Community Center


Camden Park & Route 67

Milan, IL 61264


Fourth Thursday of each month at 7PM

For Information About Membership:


Delores Wynn


1210 West 8th Avenue


Milan, IL 61264









President - Delores Wynn


Vice President - Lou Taube


Treasurer - Nancy Brown


Recording Sec'y  - Susie Jackson


Corresponding Sec'y - Pam DeMarlie


Registrar - Kristi Hoffman


Club History:


The Milan Women's Club was organized in 1960.  The Village of Milan's Women's Club main goal is to prevent child abuse, and takes great strides in supporting the many foundations that are available to help educate, provide room and board to those in need.

Annual Club Projects:


The Village of Milan Women's Club is very proud of their club projects.  The clubs' projects are as follows:


Milan Santa:  The club shopped for a total of 45 families in December 2008.  Numerous essential items are bought for selected families children, clothing and age appropriate toys.  Additionally, each family is given a "Family Gift", which consists of towels, blankets, or if the committee feels that there is another need for a special item, then that will take precedence.  During the month of December, our club provides a Christmas dinner at our local nursing homes, which brings many smiles to our elderly who have no family to share the holiday spirit with.


Make a Difference Day:  The club picks one Saturday morning in October, and club volunteers brave the elements by manning the entrance/exits of two local grocery stores to collect food donations…and of course, we never turn down cash donations!  During this short three-hour period, our club collected $1,200 in food items for our local food pantry!  Additionally, at each of meetings we encourage our members to bring one item to be donated as well.


Indian Summer Festival (Labor Day Weekend): Our community is proud of our rich heritage and celebrate with a three day home-town event to promote friendship, new acquaintances, while developing new ones!  The festivities start with a grand parade throughout the village ending at the festival site where everyone can enjoy numerous food/drink vendors, or even partake in a game or two of bingo!  Over the course of the festival, many young girls and women participate in contest to become the next Milan Queen or Lil' Miss Milan.  Our club is one of six clubs that plans, promotes and provides the volunteers to ensure the festivals success!  Proceeds from the festival are divided among the clubs for projects in the upcoming year.



Many of our members go way above and beyond by volunteering throughout the community at local schools, hospitals, libraries and village functions.


Friday, April 24 from 6:30-10:30pm, we will be hosting a Silent Auction at the Milan Community Center.  We are for a $7 donation that will include sandwiches and snacks at this event


General Federation of Women’s Clubs

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Illinois

Village of Milan, Ilinois

Left to right are:  Marcia Derby and Lou Taube.  Both ladies are members of the budget & finance committee, with Lou being the Chairperson - and also is a charter member

Some of our members (at least the ones who did not run from the camera) who worked tirelessly in the kitchen to make this event a success!

The Milan Woman's Club held a Taco Dinner, March 12, 2009 from 5-7pm at the Milan American Legion.